About Tesora


We host sacred trips in the Americas to connect with indigenous groups and their ancient wisdom so we can heal the world. Together.

Tesora is a sacred travel company that gives you access to some of the Earth’s most treasured places. With a focus on sacred power spots in the Americas, we connect with ancient wisdom and protect indigenous cultures. 

Traveling to sacred spaces allows us to reconnect with magic in our everyday lives. Embrace the unfamiliar as you immerse yourself in the wisdom of ancient cultures. Connect to the source of your creative power and find the infinite treasures of your self expression.

Tesora’s retreats are designed for changemakers who want to uplevel humanity. Through one-of-a-kind programs incorporating ancient wisdom, modern psychology, powerful locations, and radical self-expression, you will release the identities that prohibit you from creating the world you want to live in. 


A different way to travel

Sacred travel honors Mother Earth and all her people. It’s the idea that by visiting some of the most beautiful, treasured places on Earth, we can connect directly to the source of all that is. We remember who we are and why we’re here. We become more conscious of our actions and how they impact this beautiful planet and the beautiful humans who live on it. A percent of all Tesora profits go back into the communities we visit.


Honor the earth and her people

The earth gives us our life. She sits at the perfect distance from the Sun, allowing our bodies to rest at the perfect temperature. She is mostly made of water, as are we. It is our sacred duty to protect the Earth and the ancient wisdom of her people. Through travel, we have an opportunity to visit spectacular places, remember the treasure that is Earth, and tap into collective knowledge about how to live and thrive.


Love yourself and create community

Sacred travel provides an opportunity for you to connect deeply with yourself and others. We must know ourselves to love ourselves. And we must love ourselves before we can love anyone else. We truly recognize who we are in the presence of others. Our communities remind us of our purpose when we forget. They hold us in loving support as we evolve into our fullest expression.


About Maggie

Maggie is an entrepreneur and coach passionate about empowering others to bring their visions to life. She believes that through powerful community, we can create the world we want to live in. Maggie's mission is to allow all life on Earth - human, plant, animal - to thrive and prosper. Her purpose is to help you find and live your purpose.

Maggie believes that through a balance of the head and the heart, we can restore harmony to the Earth. She loves dancing, adventure, tantra, experience design, ceremonies, and humans.

Learn more about Maggie on her website.


About Sena

Sena is a heart warrior, plant medicine educator and cacao ceremonialist. An explorer of the unknown and all things sacred, Sena’s passionate about getting you out of your comfort zone and into your heart-space.

She loves traveling with lots of instruments, circles, Cacao, Oneness, singing, cats, and you. You can probably find her in Peru, Costa Rica, or Sonoma County, CA.

Learn more about Sena on her website.