Our New Earth

"For collectively, you are the midwives who are assisting with the birthing of a new reality. Your willingness to be in physical form during these changes is an act of courage. For it would have been far easier to wait until the dust had settled + simply manifest into more favorable circumstances. You who read these words are among those who chose to experience the transformational journey in physical form and to have the experience of physical ascension."

If you’ve found your way here, there is a good chance you feel called to be a part of creating the New Earth. In fact, it is our perspective that every single person on earth today is part of this mission. We all play a role in piecing together the puzzle. It is time to restore balance in the world. The survival of our species - and many of the species with whom we share this planet - depends on it.

The New Earth is the idea that we can start over - right here, right now. We can move forward and create a world that honors the sanctity of all life. We can design systems and structures that allow all beings to prosper and thrive. 

All of Tesora's sacred travel adventures are designed to catalyze you into action to create the New Earth. A stronger, more beautiful Earth for all.

Maggie McCloud