Welcome to Our World

Who We Are

Tesora is a budding company hoping to elevate consciousness through travel. Tesora in Spanish means treasure, and we design trips and retreats that allow you to explore some of the most treasured places on Earth.

We believe that by connecting with local cultures in breathtakingly beautiful places we will reconnect with the miracles of our planet and build cross-cultural connections that will help us take better care of the Earth and our fellow humans.

So what makes us sacred? Every trip we plan incorporates the following values:

  • Reverence for the lands we visit including a knowledge of history, people, and participation in local ceremony
  • Respect for and connection with local cultures and wisdom practices
  • Integrity + intentionality in the selection of our partnerships, from the retreat chefs to the shuttle drivers and beyond
  • We reinvest a percentage of all of our profits back into local communities and organizations that support indigenous groups

Our First Retreat

From April 24 - May 1, 2017, a group of women will gather in the Sacred Valley of Peru to connect deeply with themselves and each other and create a plan for how to live and work on purpose.

This retreat fuses Eastern, Western and indigenous wisdom traditions to deliver a holistic experience. We will work with sacred plant medicines from the heart-opening Cacao to the vision-inducing Ayahuasca. We are calling in some of the most studied healers of Peru to assist in these ceremonies. 

Women who join this retreat will have an opportunity to ground their experience with daily yoga and meditation. You will learn about your body and the wisdom that lives in your physical vessel. Through group integration circles and 1:1 coaching, you will leave this retreat with a deeper connection to your purpose and the sisterhood and skills you need to put it into action.

If you are ready to have a bigger impact on the world, apply here.

Maggie McCloud