Courage 2.0: Awakening the Feminine Heart

It is extraordinary times that create an opening for ordinary people to step forward and shake things up.

It is times like these - when fear runs rampant, when people are angry, hateful, terrified for their lives and their rights - that provide an opportunity for true shifts to occur.

We are alive at a pivotal time in the evolution of humanity and the evolution of consciousness.

In times like these, unconditional love is a revolutionary act.

We are all capable of unconditional love. It’s what we’re made of. And in order to release our true nature, we must cultivate the courage to awaken our feminine hearts.

Awakening the feminine heart is not just for females. It is an aspect of each of us that is yearning to be free. To be unleashed. To be alive. The feminine heart is our softness and compassion. Our wisdom that in the face of idolatry, hatred and ignorance we can show up with truth, love and kindness.

We are being given a unique opportunity. An opportunity to transcend our ingrained patterns of behavior. An opportunity to evolve out of fear and into love. An opportunity to create a new way of being, relating and living.

It will take immense courage.

Courage derives from the word cor, which in Latin means heart. Courage is our ability to show up in the face of pain, grief, or fear and do something that frightens us. It is our ability to live - and act - from our hearts. Historically, the word courage has been used to describe men in times of war. Heroes in the face of terrorists. Citizens in the face of tyranny.

A new definition is emerging. We are now being asked to cultivate the courage to look our existing systems, leadership, and ultimately selves in the eye. We are being asked to cultivate the courage to go deep and to love unconditionally.

It is a deep form of vulnerability to meet our own darkness with loving kindness.

We have been told that when we are afraid we can fight, flight or freeze. But none of these options seem to be working. What if there is another way? Another option for how to respond to fear? What if instead of fighting fear, hiding from fear, being paralyzed from fear, we engage with our fear?

Engagement is the evolution of fear.

We can look our fear directly in the eyes, and when we do, we will recognize that it isn’t as bad or as dark or as scary as it seemed. The monster in the closet is actually just a sweet kitten yearning for love. For acceptance. For understanding.

Instead of judging ourselves, instead of pointing fingers at others, we can engage.

The time to show up is now. The time to act is now. The time to share your visions for the world is now. Especially when it feels like the world isn’t ready to receive them.

These are not ordinary times. We find ourselves on the precipice of something great. Even though the world seems to be in complete chaos, when we tune into our hearts, we can feel the magic of transformation bubbling up for the collective.

But this will not come easy. These extraordinary times call for extraordinary courage - to dig deep, to be curious, to seek honestly and to co-create the world we all want to live in. We are being called to step into our highest expression of Self and to fully embody the qualities we so desperately seek in the outside world.

It cannot be done alone. I watch as woman after woman, friend after friend frees herself from the shackles that bind her. As we each step fully into our power, our freedom, our ancient wisdom, we must come together. Our voices together are magic. Our visions together will shake up the whole world.

It is our duty and our gift as women to crack ourselves open so completely that those who come in contact with us cannot help but do the same.

Just by being ourselves, just by tapping into our own true nature, we can transform the world.


Maggie McCloud