Surrender. Breathe. Say, "Thank you."

Shit is rough out there. Amiright?

Scrolling through Instagram, riding the subway, talking to friends - I keep hearing the same sentiments over and over again.

We are all feeling a lot of heaviness right now. Each day it feels like a new battle emerges that threatens the wellbeing of humans and the planet. While many of us believe that there’s a bigger plan, we’re having to do a lot of trust work right now.

We’ve been ruminating on this over at Tesora and recently recognized that in many ways what’s happening in the world right now mirrors Shamanic ceremonial experiences. For example, when working with Ayahuasca, the medicine calls us to look at the demons, fears, and unloved parts of ourselves. So too do the events we’re experiencing in society right now. We’ve learned that the only way out is through, and the most painful thing we can do is try and avoid what we’re experiencing.

We seek out ceremonial experiences to cultivate tools for our lives. And when the going gets rough, it’s time to pull out our toolbox and put what we’ve learned into practice.’s what we’ve learned in ceremony that can help us with what’s going on right now.

Surrender. You are not in control. I repeat, you are not in control. As soon as you recognize this and soften into the loving arms of the universe, the easier your experience becomes. World peace begins with inner peace, so find your center and allow the events of the world to unfold as they will.

Breathe. The present moment is all we have. When it feels overwhelming, return to your breath. This is your source of life. Do not let fear and anxiety get the best of you. Self care is a revolutionary act. Fill up your cup so that you can give freely to others. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Say, “Thank you.” Gratitude is magical. It transforms challenges into opportunities. When we give thanks for the hardships in our lives, it changes our relationship to them. No matter how bad it seems or how hard it gets, practice saying, “thank you,” and see what happens.

Maggie McCloud