Join us April 24 - May 1, 2017

Courage 2.0


Courage 2.0 is a 7-day divine feminine retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru. We will combine ancient wisdom with modern rituals to catalyze you into action so that you can live a life that inspires and fulfills you.

You will leave this retreat with a deeper connection to your purpose and the sisterhood and skills you need to put it into action. 

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Retreat Elements


Our retreat centers on self love practices through yoga, meditation, conscious eating and heart-opening ceremonies. We will work with the master plants Ayahuasca and Wachuma, as well as the heart-opening cacao so you can connect to your true essence.


We will be sharing Tantric self pleasure practices as a key component of the retreat. Women will have an opportunity to reclaim their sexual power and find intimate communion with themselves.


You will be guided through business coaching to create a solid action plan for how to share your gifts with the world. Together, we will create systems for ongoing group accountability and support post-retreat. Awaken to your deepest purpose as you set your soul on fire.

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Retreat Schedule


1:00pm Welcome Lunch
2:00pm Chill Yoga
6:00pm Cacao Blessing &
Intention Setting Ceremony

8:00pm Yummy Dinner



7:00am Yoga + Meditation
8:30am Yummy Breakfast
9:30am Wachuma Vision Quest
7:00pm Yummy Dinner


7:00am Yoga + Meditation
8:30am Yummy Breakfast
9:30am Self Pleasure Practices
11:00am-6:00pm 1:1 Coaching / Solo Project work, Light Lunch + SURPRISE
7:00pm Ayahuasca Ceremony


10:00am Yummy Breakfast
11:30am Gentle Yoga + Meditation
1:30pm - 4:00pm Sacred Lakes Hike, Earth Altar, Picnic Lunch &
Group Integration Circle
7:00pm Yummy Dinner


7:00am Yoga + Meditation  
8:30am Yummy Breakfast    
9:30am CHILL TIME or Solo Project Work, 1:1 Coaching,SURPRISE
12:00pm Light Lunch
7:00pm Evening Ayahuasca Ceremony



10:00am Yummy Breakfast
11:30am Gentle Yoga + Meditation
12:30pm Group Integration Circle
2:00pm Lunch
3:00pm LOVE + BEAUTY DAY with
Luxurious Surprises
7:00pm Yummy Dinner


7:00am Yoga + Meditation
8:30am Breakfast  
9:00am Cacao Ceremony
11:00am Presentations
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Presentations
5:00pm Closing Ceremony
7:00pm Dinner
*departures on Mon 5/1 anytime

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Venue and Maestras

About Las Chullpas

Las Chullpas is a beautiful eco-lodge situated in Urubamba in the Sacred Valley of Peru. We are offering private, double and triple occupancy rooms for your stay. There is ample outdoor space so that you can connect with nature throughout the retreat. Our meals will all be vegetarian and catered by a private chef.

About the Maestras

For the Ayahuasca ceremonies we will be working with Juana, AKA Isa Yaka (Hummingbird). She is 60 years old and comes from the Shipibo community of Pauyan. She has been studying as a maestra for more than 30 years and has dedicated herself to the path of healing through her commitment of many years of dieta. Her main dieta has been with the tree, Noya Rao (Palo Valodora), which she began dieting 11 years ago. Her lineage of healers are known and respected as some of the most powerful curanderos/as of the Shipibo tradition and of the Amazon region as a whole. Juana is also known for her incredible knowledge of the body and specializes in massage and bone setting. She has 8 children and holds a joyful, child-like spirit. 


Pricing and Registration

Pay what you can, starting at $900 USD

We are experimenting with a more feminine payment model. We want any woman called to attend Courage 2.0 to be able to, regardless of her financial situation. 

The base cost for the retreat is $900. Any contribution that you make on top of the base cost is a welcome gift. The $900 does not include our (Maggie and Sena's) costs for attending the retreat, flying to Peru, or planning and facilitating.

To give you an example, if you and 9 other women contribute an extra:

  • $180, you will cover both Maggie and Sena's retreat costs
  • $160, you will cover both Maggie and Sena's flights
  • $600, you will contribute $300 each to Maggie + Sena for their energy in organizing + facilitating the retreat. This is an offering of our hearts, and it would be incredible to be supported in our work.

So, with 10 women attending + contributing an additional $940 above the base cost of $900 ($1,840 total) that will cover your own costs + Maggie + Sena’s costs, flights and a $3,000 total energy exchange for our efforts. This would be in exchange for 6 months of planning and preparation, as well as 24/7 facilitation of yoga, meditation, group circles, and 1:1 coaching during the retreat.

Our deepest desire is that every woman who wants to join us can. Learn more in our blog post.

Package Includes

7 nights accommodation, 3 daily gourmet vegetarian meals, airport transfers, daily yoga and meditation classes, coaching and integration sessions, 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 Wachuma Vision Quest, cacao ceremonies.

Retreat Dates and Location

April 24th - May 1st, 2017 in the Sacred Valley of Peru.